Welcome to the first Friends of Avalon Youth Hub (Hub) newsletter.

It has been one year since we launched the Hub and many local community members have asked for regular information about what the Avalon Youth Hub does and the Governance structure it sits within.

Coming together to help youth

Did you know 1 in 4 young people struggle daily with anxiety? We are doing something about it and we want you to be part of it! The AYH is a safe space for community members and young people. With a shortage of mentors and elders with life experience to talk to and guide young people through the uncertainty of adolescence we are calling on community volunteers to become Light House Adults – the concept is simple. Consider your circle of friends and family, offer an ear to the young people who are within this circle. Connect with them, forge a genuine relationship and let them know you are available to chat if they ever need to. To assist you further it may be helpful to do a Lifeline course as indicated next.

Mental health first aid

Change starts with us all...Lifeline Northern Beaches offers a - 12 hour Mental Health First Aid course, teaching adults (18 years and over) how to provide initial support to adults who are developing a mental illness or experiencing mental health crisis. Take a look and help break the stigma - never underestimate a small army of everyday people supporting young people to fullfill their true potential.


If you are interested in learning about the needs of your local area, how you can help, what we are doing and you wish to become a Friend of Avalon Youth Hub please read this newsletter. We also ask you to forward this onto others you believe may be interested.

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Accidental counselling course

What if you knew how to recognise a person in distress or crisis? What if you knew how to repond appropriately? The Accidental Counselling Course is delivered by Lifeline Trainers and helps equip any member of the community to identify those in crisis and how to respond. Think of it as mental health first-aid.
Isn't it tme that we all came together for our neighbours? If you are interested in this course and Lifeline don’t have any running soon we may be able to assist in getting a it run locally if there are enough people keen. Contact: Justene.gordon@burdekin.org.au


Run your own workshop

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See Our Story

In 2017 your local High School Principle Ian Bowsher (Barrenjoey High School) came toThe Burdekin Association (a Northern Beaches youth support service) and asked for help. He needed Youth Services to support the Pittwater Community. The Avalon Youth Hub was born. The Hub is a partnership, it takes the work of many Northern Beaches Youth Services together to meet the variety of needs in the Pittwater Community.

The Burdekin Association may be the lead agency ensuring the Avalon Youth Hub has charitable donation status, the work however is shared across a number of organsations including Mission Australia, Headspace, Taldumunde Youth Services, KYDS, CCNB, Cathlicare, Streetworks, Public Health Network, Child and Youth Mental Health Service, Northern Beaches Council and a special partnership with the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles.

Become a Burdekin Association carer

Our community carers are adults who have been assessed and approved by us to provide accommodation, care and support to a young person (12-18). Carers work as a team together with our staff and the young person to enable them to become more stable and independent. If you think this is something you would like to do, are suited to do, have time to do and can make a difference.


Future newsletters will include information from all of the partner organisations about what they are doing for the young people in the community and how you can support some of their programs.

You might like to view the AYH One Year On snapshot of the considerable achievements since we began operating in May 2018. You might also like to view The Burdekin Association Annual Report for more information.

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