Making sense of Adolescence

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1.  Alex Hayes and Cooper Chapman share their personal experiences with Bullying.
2.  A chat with Gus Worland, Mental Fitness influencer.
3.  Anxiety from young people’s perspective.
4. Coming out of Covid.
5. Avalon Youth Hub Podcast – the Youth Advisory Group initiative.
It sees young people plan, create & manage the production of podcasts. Young people talking about topics they want and need covered. Interviewing role models and influencers who are relevant. Addressing tough topics around mental health, anxiety, Covid 19, and transitions to adulthood among many others.

These podcasts are for parents, adolescence and anyone curious about young people. We hope that our peers who may feel isolated can tap into discussions they may not feel comfortable having face to face.



Avalon Youth Hub & Podcast

is a collaboration of Youth Services on the Northern Beaches with the lead agency The Burdekin Association.

Project funded byNSW Department of Communities & Justice.